abcSAGE Construction & Solar 

  • A - General Engineering Contractor - Grading, excavating, concrete work, roadways.

  • B - General Building Contractor - New construction & Remodels & Additions - residential, commercial. [Only a B license has the legal ability to subcontract specialty trades.  Always check for license status.]

  • C 10 - Electrical Contractor - New construction, service panel upgrades, sub-panels, generators, batteries, troubleshooting.

  • C 39 - Roofing Contractor - Don't let a non-roofer put holes in your roof for solar. Call for roofwork or new roofs.  

  • C 46 - Solar Contractor - Solar Energy systems, grid-tie, off-grid, hybrid, photovoltaic and/or thermal.

With these licenses and our diverse, meticulous and sage wisdom, there is no project too large or small for abcSAGE. We love the difficult jobs, which require 30,000 foot vision, creativity, experience and a little magic.



abcSAGE services



Residential and Commercial


Solar O&M for Military Bases

For more than a decade the abcSAGE team has been successfully installing solar for all types of customers.  We will help you think creatively and make solar work on your property.  How about a solar shade structure or carport?!

In addition, the US government entrusts abcSAGE to maintain Megawatts of solar on military bases.


Main Home, Guest House, Barn, Pool, Garages...

Attention to detail can never be undervalued. At abcSAGE, we work with your vision, your budget and our experience to create projects that thrill you for decades to come.

Budgets vary from simple shade structures to absolute horse palaces. We will work with you to create the most amazing structure your budget will allow. Even small projects can lend enjoyment, security, storage, and functionality to your property.




Be prepared for outages.

Generac Generators are the country's most sought-after solution for  living in places, like Southern California, where power outages are regular events.  Gain peace of mind, security and convenience with a generator by abcSAGE.  Auto-transfer switches make it easy for all technical levels!


Never skimp on skills when it comes to electrical.

With four full-time electricians on staff at abcSAGE, we are sure to be able to accommodate your needs.  Our specialties are new construction, service panel upgrades and adding sub-panels.  We do the hard stuff.

MSP ugrade_Raf.jpg


The Foundation

Whether you are just starting out in the quest for land for your dream home, or you are a seasoned buyer, we can help you navigate the process. Oftentimes, property owners don't know what they don't know, and that can be costly. We like to help people see the possibilities from a creative, yet realistic perspective.

Once you have purchased your property, whether raw land or a property that needs work, we can help you put a plan in motion, as you mastermind your dream. 

The A B C's of wise building with multiple contractors licenses:

A  l   C10  l  C39  l  C46

abcSAGE in Action...Much of our work is done at military bases.