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abcSAGE is a diverse construction and renewable energy company, with a host of contractors licenses, talented leadership, and a seasoned team.

abcSAGE was founded by Steve Fulgham, a visionary builder and one of California's most accomplished solar PV professionals.

Growing up in Oregon, Steve worked from an early age, cutting his teeth in many aspects of construction. After racing professional motocross, owning and managing several restaurants, rising to Senior Vice President of one of the country's largest software companies, and founding 501c3 The Veteran Asset, he settled in on his ranch on the Santa Rosa Plateau almost two decades ago.  This is where he is focusing on his love of this land and his career's crown jewel, abcSAGE - his contribution to quality construction and service to our US military. 

Steve is a true Renaissance Man, as comfortable in the seat of a Caterpillar as he is in the seat in a board room.  He has succeeded in building one of the most robust resumes in the construction and renewable energy industry, holding FIVE California Contracting licenses. 

Steve is also double-certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners [NABCEP], the "gold standard"​ within the solar industry, is a registered Subject Matter Expert for the State of California, and serves the California State Contractors Board by helping craft licensing cirriculum.



Steve is also an excellent team builder and leader, crafting a talented team with a profound ability to troubleshoot and execute almost any construction project.  Combined with his corporate savvy, work ethic, process-driven background and on-the-job experience in renewable energy systems and construction, he has the unique ability to think-without-a-playbook in almost any situation.

Steve is a big fan of being overly-insured, bonded and current.  He is proud of abcSAGE's licenses #1007674:

  • A - General Engineering Contractor - Includes grading, excavating, concrete work, roadways

  • B - General Building Contractor - New construction, residential, commercial, TI, remodels & additions.  [NOTE: Only a B license has the legal ability to subcontract specialty trades]

  • C 10 - Electrical Contractor - Commercial & Residential,  new construction, service panel upgrades, sub-panels, generators, batteries, solar

  • C39 - Roofing Contractor - Especially important with rooftop solar.  Don't let a non-roofer put holes in your roof

  • C 46 - Solar Contractor -  Commercial & Residential solar energy systems, grid-tied, off-grid, hybrid, photovoltaic or thermal, Operations & Maintenance of government and commercial solar systems

NABCEP PV Seal.jpg
Steve Area 52_web.jpg

"I had a ton of problems on my ranch, including unpermitted structures.  abcSAGE was extremely proficient in getting the As Built permitting completed, as well as building us a barn and adding Solar PV to our property.  Next we are building a guesthouse and look forward to working with abc again."

JL. Smith

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