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Team abcSAGE can generally be found working in two places:
U.S. Military Bases & our Home - La Cresta & the Santa Rosa Plateau.
When not at one of our military contracts, we are doing a number of projects in our home neighborhood of the Santa Rosa Plateau:


Living & building on the Santa Rosa Plateau for almost two decades, we are experts at almost any building project here.  We cut our construction teeth decades ago and continue to perform a full suite of construction trades, including: design/build of homes, barns, pools, accessory structures; remodels; solar; generators and batteries; electrical panel upgrades; light grading; roofwork; even code violation remediation. 


With our knowledge and depth of experience here, we know this Plateau - the terrain, the HOAs, the County authorities, land-use restrictions, building code, and about everything in between.


We own our own heavy equipment and can save you time and money.  Our knowledge and experience here help mitigate costs, expectations, disappointments, etc.  We can turn an ominous project into a delightful experience.

Whether you are just starting to design your concept or have plans already approved, we can help you navigate the process for any size project.  Very often, property owners don't know what they don't know, and that can be costly. We like to help people see the possibilities from a realistic perspective.


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